Adopted dolls .:.
- These dolls are copyright their authors. Please go to the author's website to adopt the doll.

Ma Petite Poupée
I'm really proud to be sister with Thémis, the owner. She's a very talented doller. She has a unique style, is very imaginative. Her dolls has many details, the colors are very well chosen and I just love her base, especially Oups and Ylis. It's really difficult to chose 2 dollz to adopt from her site o_O
Spread your Wings
A French doller whose works is really faboulous! First of all, the webmistress is really nice ( proud to be sisters ^_- ). And Secondly, she has a much talent, I like the classic colors she uses.
2 Pixel
Does Lola's arts need to be introduced? She's a complete artist (drawings, CG, pixel art..) Her works is very precise, clean, original... her Mahou base, which if one of the most used in the doll community jsut rocks!
Dada doll
Another talented and very nice artist. I just love the way she does the clothes for her dolls!
Dollz United
A very imaginative doller, with a superb style! I love the colors used to make her dolls. Too bad she hasn't many dolls yet.
Shades of Grey
This doll is really one of my favourite ever! I love the idea for the wings, and the colors used.
So detailed dolls! Since I don't like flashy colors, Daria uses very classic colors and I love these tones! She has a unique style I really admire.
Umi Doll Maison
Another great pixel art artist. Again, I like the tones used! And the dolls are so original!
Lauviah World
Another nice doller, who's making more and more progress! I like the way she makes the hair, especially for this doll, for example. I hope to see more of her work ^^
Packaged Bliss
My site of the month of November 2003! When I first saw her works, I said "Wow", this rocks the house! Really! She's a so talented pixel artist, I love the way she does dresses, whereas I'm just too bad for these things. Moreover, the colors are cool, just as I like!
Aurore BlackCat.. does this name remain you of something? She's first of all, like Lola, one of my favourite artist ever. And now she does pixel art. As a result, her works are just excellent! Colors, shading, ideas... I hope to see more and more dolls of her.
Swiss Cheese Army
It's obvious her style is radically different from mine XD Despite the fact that I don't really like that much gothic lolita or punks.., I really enjoyed visiting her site and... she was my site of the month of December! XD Her technique is faboulous, and the colors are really well chosen.
Bubble Pixels
A new but really talented pixel artist! She's my SOTM of February ^^ Her dollz are very original, and very detailed. Moreover, the colors used are really sweet. She probably does the best dollz on Fany or Ylis bases ( from Ma petite poupée ^^ )
One of the most famous dollz site, Pinkland, with its bright colors and wonderful shading technique! I appreciate her technique more than the colors Francesca uses, but it is still one of my favourite site, especially for Pinkie base.
A.B.C. Dollz
Nalys is a very talented doller, I like the way she shades ^^ And her dollz are so cute and original, I love their clothes!
My site of the month of June! I really fell in love with her dollz, and especially her shading technic which I think is perfect! :D The colors are bright, shiny, but all of her work is so cute!
Hime no Sakura
My site of the month of October :D Her dollz are extremley cute and detailed, with great colors and a fabulous shading technique! ^^ I love her style!
An amazing shading technique, especially for the hairs! Her dollz are feeric, with bright colors...very sweet and cute dollz here!