Site of the month .:.

SOTM of October 04: DOLLKAT :: She's a french, she's been dolling for only about 1 month, but she already has some great skill! I like the colors used, even when she uses pink for example, it isn't flashy or anything but just pretty! Her shading is "simple" but very efficient! her dollz are quite original and detailed! Now I do hope to see more and more dollz of her, cuz I'm sure she's gonna be in no time a well-known artist! ^^

SOTM of October 04: HIME NO SAKURA :: Delicious dollz! Detailed, cute...! I especially love the way she makes hairs. :) And also, she has a fabulous shading technique, a bit like eCandy ^^

SOTM of June 04: ECANDY :: You must visit her site! She has ab ansolutely fantstic shading technique, and her bases just fit perfectly with her work! The colors are bright, very bright, but I think they're perfect for her style.

SOTM of May 04: PINKIES :: I've known this site for a long time now, but I really have to award its webmistress for making so beautiful dollz! I really like the colors she uses.

SOTM of February 04: LILITH DOLLZ :: I really fell in love with Jade's dollz! She's a new pixel artist but already makes wonderful dolls! They're original, full of details and the colors are just too sweet, especially the one on Thémis's bases ( Ma petite poupée ).

SOTM of January: KITTEN BOX:: The famous artist Aurore Blackcat's dollz site! As she's a so talented drawer, her dollz are just like her drawings= almost perfect! I mean.. colors very carefully chose, lots of details, and her base ( not edited yet ) just fit perfectly with her dollz!

SOTM of December: SWISS CHEESE ARMY:: Specialized in gothic lolita, punk, etc... so detailed and original dolls!

SOTM of November: PACKAGED BLISS:: wonderful dolls, I really like the colors used and I love the pixel shading!