Rules .:.

Picture, layout...
- Do NOT take any picture from the site. The layout was created by me and only for this site.

Dolls, kaoni and pixel art
- Put a link back to Okashi ( a text link will be okay, but of course you can add me in your links list too ^^ ) at the same page you've put my doll.
- If you wanna adopt my dolls : please save them to your own server, no direct-linking.
- Do NOT edit the doll, or take a part of it ( copy / paste the eyes, hair... ) to create your own: this is called FRANKENDOLLING. Please respect my work.
- Don't erase the copyright
- If you wanna use one of my dollz for a forum avatar, email me first.

- Please put a link back to this site if you've used my base to create your doll.
- You can of course take the base, but again, no direct-linking.
- You can erase the copyright if you want, and put yours if you want to make a doll with my base..
- Do NOT take my base and modify it to create a "new" base.
- You can change the colors of the eyes, the mouth, the skin, the shading, etc...
- If you've used my base, you can email me to show me your doll. I would be happy to see your creations. ^^

- This site is link free, means you don't have to ask me the permission to link it.
- Don't email me to ask me to add you in my links list. I'll only add my favourite sites.
- Do NOT ask to be affiliate/sister, because I will only ask my friends ^^