About the site .:

My gifts and awards won

Photoshop 7.0 for the dolls and layout; EditPlus for the encoding; WSftp for the ftp client; Microsoft Gif Animator for the animated gifs.

Credits: Free for hosting; My ShoutBox for the tagboard on the main page; OKcounter for the counter; Freedback for the forms.
First version:

The very first version of the site, lasted almost 1 month lol. Featuring my base Bubble ^^ I changed it because i though the window was large enough... and I also wanted to add stuffs like tutorials, about the site, etc...

Version 2.0

It was my high-Ragnarok period, despite the fact that I've never played Ro lool xD I really like this layout, it was easy to navigate and quite clear, the colors were simple.

Version 3.0

Featuring Kana, this layout was made for my Follow the pic: Kana contest. I didn't like it much at first, cause I thought the colors were a bit strange, but in the end, it appears to be quite joyable. ^^

Version 4.0

Features I-no and Jam Kuradoberi from the video game Guilty Gear X2. It was the time I was crazy for the GGXX game :D

The current layout is made of my doll, on Thémis' base ( from Ma petite poupée ). I had to make a "White Ylis" for a contest, and I used cold colors..and that's why this version is called "Glacial" :D I liked the style of my 4.0 version, so I didn't change it.

Nick: Mystic Heaven
Email: mystic_heaven[at]hotmail.com
Birth-d: 9 Sept.86 ( Virgo ^^ )
Likes: Linkin Park and Nightwish ( definitely fan ^_- ), computer related, drawing, making dolls, making website...
Dislikes: flashy colors, Harry Potter and coe, all the "lolitas singers"... saying what I like and dislike..

Dolling since: June 2003
Inspired by or original: I don't have much imagination T_T so I prefer to inspire from pics :D
What I like to doll: ladies with long dress, wind effect on hair and clothes.. :D
Not-my-style: casual, dollz with color skin, punk, girls in swimming suit, elves and other fantasy dollz...
Colors I like in my dollz: purple! blue! and other cold colors.. + white-grey-beige..
Colors I don't like to shade: black is my ennemy..-__-
Fetish bases: Oups and Ylis from Ma petite poupée, Pinky j. from Pinkland

My main collective + my artworks: