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Base from K.iwi
I've already made the doll on Lou base. So now, I've just copied it on a new canvas, about 350*350 pixel. Layers are very important to make a background. Here, we have the doll on the upper layer, names "doll". The whole background will be made on the layers under the doll.
I took this image for the model ^^ So, the layer under the doll will be called "line". I begin to trace all the lines, the perspective, etc... And in the meantime, I cropped the canvas.
I create a new layer for each color. Remember, all the background must be under the layer "doll".
using the magic wand, I select the parts I want to fill in the layer "line", then go on the new layer, select the color I wanted and fill it Alt+backspace.
Let's begin with the details. All in a new layer. For example, for the wood effect, I just selected a darker color and traced few lines, etc... Then, I do the same but selected a lighter color and retraced lines.
Following the model, details, details...!
Now, the shading ^^ I tried to select as much color as possible, with all the tones, from darker to lighter. Then the shadings are lightings will look like a kind of "gradient", but all in pixel ^^

Also, I though the doll looked a bit too bright comparing to the background. So ( photoshop effect! ) I selected the layer "doll", "Layer style", "color overlay" and selected a color that was in my background, adjusted its transparency at about 10%, and used the "multiply" mode.
> I'm sorry I didn't save after this step... This is the final result; I've just added some accesories, and made the hollow under the doll...<