Tutorials .:.
Base from Ma petite poupée

First of all, I changed the canvas size.
I always begin with the hair. So, I just traced the outline with the mouse, quickly. Then, using the eraser ( pixel per pixel ) clean the lines.
With the paint bucket tool, fill the blanks with a lighter color. Then you do the same for the clothes, doing a new layer for each color ^^

With the magic wand, select the aera you want to shade.

Select a darker color, put the shadows, then select a lighter color. Do the same for the clothes.
Now for the details: add some shadows on the skin, color the eyebrow with a darker color than the hair color, change de doll's eyes color, add highlights etc... ^^ These little details will make your doll cooler ^^

The final product! ^^ I've added the wings, using the same techniques as described below. Also, I've changed some few colors. Layers are very useful for this work: jsut press Ctrl+U, and change the color, or press Ctrl+M to adjust the brightness/darkness.