Konnichiwa minna-san and welcome to Okashi, my dolls site ^^
This is version 4.1 of this site, with my doll on Thémis' base and Precious Pixels KH's base on the up left corner.
"Okashi" means in japanese "candie/sweet". And I still wonder why I've chosen this name, but well.. it's cute na!

Please read the rules before taking anything from this site. For any more questions, please email me ^^
Have a nice visit ^^


11.Oct.05 I'm so sorry for not replying to emails concerning this website, but I'd like to thank everyone who sent me gifts, which I've now put on the site ^^ This will probably be the last update of this site, since I've lost interest in dolling.. I now spend more time drawing so you still can check out my art website Reflection. I've also put the latest dolls I've made for a project, few months ago.. ^^° Anyway thanks everyone for visiting this website. I think I won't close it, but it will be inactive, unless I'm in the mood for dolling.

2.Feb.05 I'm really sorry for the lack of updates but as I said on my tag, I was on an exam period and didn't have inspiration for dolling.. -_- I still don't have but I'd like to thanks all those who gave me an award or a gift, domo arigatou! ^_^ And also 1 doll I've made weeks ago for a contest :)
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- I won't teach you how to make doll or to build a website :p