Tutorials .:.
Coming more soon...
You can email-me to ask me some question about how I make my dolls, then I'll maybe do tutorials about it ^^

Well, I don't consider myself as a so great doller, and I'm sure my technique to make a doll are not the best. ^^" Plus, I'm always changing my way of drawing, and I'm really abd at explainations so... ^^" That's why these tutorials are more kind of "step by step" pages ^^
I only use Adobe Photoshop 7.0, so I don't have any idea of what it will look like on Paint, etc... o_O

The famous anime goddess, made on Oups base from Ma petite poupée

Tea ceremony: the background
The big steps to make the background.

Few tips::
- For Photoshop users: use the layers! ^^ They will really help you, if you wanna change something. 1 layer=1 color. It may be quite boring when you're making the doll, but it's really useful at the end^^ For example, if you just wanna change the hair color, press Ctrl+U and change de color, or press Ctrl+M to change the brightness/darkness.
- Try to avoid using the gradient tool. >_<
- Don't hesitate to make high contrast.
- Always use the pencil for the outline. It will really look better.
- Try to make as much details as possible! ^^ Be original! ^^